For more information on UConn’s undergraduate ENVS Program or to schedule an appointment to declare your major or concentration please email: Sara Tremblay



Program Director: Program Coordinator:
Jason Vokoun
Professor and Interim-Head,

Department of Natural Resources & the Environment

Director, Environmental Sciences

Office: Young 227
(860) 486-2840

Sara Tremblay: Program Coordinator Sara Tremblay

Program Coordinator

Environmental Sciences & Environmental Studies

Office: Young 220
(860) 486-5218




For information on a specific concentration and related research opportunities please contact the appropriate concentration advisor:
Carol Atkinson-Palombo Department of Geography
Chris Elphick Environmental Biology
Michael Hren Environmental Chemistry
Morty Ortega Department of Natural Resources & the Environment
Lisa Park Boush Center for Integrative Geosciences
Cristian P. Schulthess Department of Plant Science
Farhed Shah Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics
Lawrence K. Silbart Department of Allied Health Sciences
Michael Whitney Department of Marine Sciences 
For information on UConn’s Environmental Science Early College Experience (ECE) Program contact:
Morty Ortega Department of Natural Resources & the Environment