Concentrations for 2015-2016 Catalog Year

In addition to the core requirements, all students majoring in Environmental Sciences must fulfill the requirements of a concentration in a discipline associated with the program before graduation. Approved concentrations are listed below all consist of about eight courses in a specialized field, including fieldwork or an internship experience. All concentrations can be completed in either the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources or the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Due to the structure of the curriculum, all Environmental Sciences majors follow similar programs during the first two years. In order to ensure graduation within four years, students are required to decide before the end of their fourth semester on the concentration they wish to pursue for the remainder of their undergraduate program. The diversity of courses required for this degree mandates that students plan their curriculum carefully to meet the minimum requirements of the school in which they are registered. An appropriate advisor will be assigned at the time a concentration is declared. To declare a concentration students should consult with the Environmental Sciences Program Coordinator.

To learn more about each concentration click on the links below:
Sustainable Systems Global Change Human Health