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ENVS 3991 Internship Contract


Student Name: Student ID#: Student Email:
Student Address: Student Phone#:
Start & End Dates of Internship: Number of Credits: Academic Advisor:
Faculty Supervisor: Faculty Email: Faculty Phone#:
Employer Name: Employer Street Address:
Internship Supervisor name and title: Supervisor Email: Supervisor Phone#:
Internship Title:
Work Schedule:
Description of position and duties:
Internship Learning Objectives:
Tasks and/or activities to achieve objectives:
Learning Product(s):




  1. Internship Contract: Students must complete the Internship Contract. The student, Faculty Supervisor, Internship Supervisor, and ENVS Director must sign the contract.


  1. Faculty Supervisor: The Faculty Supervisor for all internship work must be a University of Connecticut faculty member. The Faculty Supervisor is responsible for assigning the internship grade.


III. Internship Supervisor: The student must have an assigned internship supervisor at the work site. The Internship Supervisor must agree to supervise the work and participate in the evaluation of the student’s performance at the end of the internship.


  1. Grading: Grading for ENVS 3991 will only be offered on a Satisfactory/ Unsatisfactory basis.

The student will be subjectively evaluated by the Internship Supervisor in a report to be sent to the Faculty Instructor at the end of the internship period. This evaluation will be based upon the intern’s work performance of assigned tasks during the internship period. The Faculty Supervisor will review the evaluation and assign a final grade.






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Signature of Student                                                                         Date



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Signature of Faculty Supervisor                                                                  Date



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Signature of Internship Supervisor                                                 Date



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Signature of ENVS Director                                                             Date









Once contract is complete, please submit to Sara Tremblay in Young 220.


Internship_Contract (ENVS 3991)